Friday, November 6, 2015

Apple Time Capsule And Windows

Apple Time Capsule on Windows XP -2000-Vista - 7 - 8 -  8.1 and 10

Ethernet Connection Setup  & Internet Sharing With Time Capsule Drive .
***Time Capsule must be connected to your Pc***

1:Download and install AirPort utility from here .
2:In airport utility you will find your Time capsule click on it and the click [Manual Setup]
3:Go To Tab [Disks] and check (File Sharing)**** some blogs will confuse you about Workgroup name just ignore or leave it blank***.
4:In AIRPORT tab Go To [Time Capsule]choose your time Capsule drive name setup a password so your Time capsule network drive will be protected.
5:Go To  [Wireless ] Setup as you like , in my case am sharing my wifi adapter internet connection to time capsule and am using time capsule as a router with the option [Creat a wireless network].
6: Go To Tab [Internet ] ---[Internet Connection] --Connect Using ( Ethernet) -- Connection Sharing [Off (bridge mode)].
7:Go To TCP/IP
8:IPV4 Using DHCP
10: Domain Name :
Windows Setup :
1:Go to network and file sharing .
2: Choose your Ethernet card .
3: Click Proprieties.
4:Double click on TCP /IPV4.
5:Use the following IP 
7: [Subnet Mask]
8:[Default Gateway] Leave blank
9: Dns you can leave empty if not you can use google DNS 
----Preferred DNS----- 
----alternative DNS----- 
10 : To share your wifi internet adapter with time capsule you have to go to your wifi Card in the [Sharing] Tab and enable sharing with Ethernet connection by checking the option (Allow other netwoek user to connect to throught this computer internet connection.

Internet connection might be not working if you have Norton Internet security to be able to share wifi you need to change norton firwall rules you can check which rule is blocking the wifi connection by looking in firwall log in norton history tab.

I hope this will save your time guys.